The Final Days are near

TMarieDesigns will be leaving

Must Have Shoes at the end of

April! SO Hurry quick to get

your Watch Today!!!

 Must Have Shoes is located at 22209 Timberlake Rd. Ask for Janine about where to find our fabulous watches!! Thanks again for stopping by!



Must Have Shoes

Now to tell you a little about these watches. It is more of you being the designer. You pick out what style of band you want and then which face you’d like and there you go you got a Watch by TMarie. Another great feature about these watches is that they are changeable. You can buy more than one band or face and change them according to your out fit that day. New Designs are coming out all the time. Also keep an eye out for new events that will be happening where you can meet me in person and try on one of the watches to see which fits best for you. You can make purchases via 


One Comment to “Watches”

  1. You’re an awesome person inside and out!! Best of Luck with TMarie Designs and all your endeavors in life!! Love you!

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