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October 15, 2011

Can I do it?

by tmariedesignwatches

Next project is something I’ve never done before. It is Reupholstering and I am quite scared. But here’s a pic of what it is before and soon I’ll post the NEW 🙂

Ok, So this weekend I’d thought I would get a head start on working on this project. I used the same paint that I did for my coffee tables and end tables. Let me know what you think? I also believe I got more paint on me this time than I did on the last project.

OK so after adding the stuffing to this chair I realized that there was not enough support so I went and bought burlap which wasn’t too expensive you can get this at either Joann’s Fabric or Hobby Lobby. Also through this I realized that I am allergic to burlap, yah! totally scratched the heck out of my arm ha.

Next after getting this awesome chair covered in batting next is to find fabric that will complete this look. Not sure yet…. More to come 🙂


OK, So I know it’s been awhile since my last post. However, I DID finally find the fabric I want to use on my Chairs. First off I had to buy again more foam because it just wasn’t firm enough. This has been quite the learning experience for me and having started my job here at San Francisco Design I’ve learned a lot more of the construction of furniture and what good quality is. My foam is not the “greatest” foam out there. I got it at Joann’s and  I still think it’s good. What the difference is from other expensive foams are how long they will last. But I think I’m ok with what I got.

Now on to fabric; I chose birds.  The gray will totally  match my fabulous grey sofa and the yellow birds will give a hint of color. I am planning on putting this on the back of the chairs and doing grey on the front. I have to wait for my grey fabric to get in and then I can finally have real chairs again! ha  Let me know what you think!



OK I am finally getting some where with these chairs. Now I know this is not a perfect but to me it’s all a learning process.

Start of the fabric process



So after having these chairs since October that my good friend Jennifer gave to me I finally had the money to do something with it. I had originally bought about an 1″ of foam but this was not sturdy enough so I went and bought more foam 2″ this time and it feels so much better!!!


This part wasn’t hard. Just cut 30″ x 30″ square and stapled on.



Just need to add pipping and trim up around edges. Putting fabric around these arms was quite the challenge. You can even ask my friend Kelly who had to watch me on skype messing around with this bottom piece. I now have to order more fabric to do the other chair for I used all on this chair!



I purchase the foam from Joann’s. I had boughten some tacks from there as well but, as a advice from this don’t buy cheap tacks the SUCK!!! SO I went and bought new ones from Home Depo. These worked out some what better than the one’s from Joann’s. If you can find a good about online I’d buy tacks from their.