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November 7, 2012

Home Plan Take 2

by tmariedesignwatches

Meet the Browns                    

Their Present Living Room


The Brown’s came into Bassett and asked for help on their living room. The Browns are wanting to change their sofa, coffee table, and accent chair. Here’s what I came up with in my design:


Pieces are picked from Bassett Furniture Direct



I decided since they have a very white floor to help add some color would be to add an area rug and help keep the life of their carpet. They originally wanted one chair but talked about how they would like more seating. So, I added another chair and ottoman and pushed the furniture back to give this space more room.


Sofa is from our CU 2 collection with a sock arm. The Enizo chair adds to a much innovated design to this room and goes along will with the other dark woods in the room. The Brown’s also wanted a new coffee table without glass. This is part of our Cosmopolitan collection and adds beautiful lines and shapes to this space.




Fabrics!! The fun part of design is picking color. The Brown’s have huge windows which add in a lot of Green and they have two swivel rockers that have a lot of green as well;  which means they need more variety. Mrs. Brown loved the middle fabric is the geometric lines. This fabric has a lot of gray, green, yellow, and brown. I used the floral pattern as their accent pillows on the sofa to bring in some yellow and pull that color from the fabric I am putting on the chairs. This fabric even compliments the portrait we are adding to place above the fireplace. Talk about two pieces that belong together!! The top fabric is a Chenille that they both loved! It’s call Almond and they wanted something neutral with a soft cozy feel. As for this lovely area rug is where we are pulling a lot of color from. We’ve got cranberry, tan, beige, green, yellow, blue, and soft browns. Talk about adding a nice blend of array of colors.

Down below I added some lighting to help with this room at night and the metallic beige with a silver base looks great with the brass they have in their current pieces and the silver added from the end of our Cosmopolitan collect (Who ever said Gold and Silver can’t be mixed?). These cute little end tables will look fabulous on each end of our CU 2 sofa I added to this room.

This is going to be one room they will love coming home to. Relaxing and Cozy is what they wanted and the Brown’s came in with loving this design and we’ll have to wait for the end results once the furniture is done being fabricated.


More Pictures to be Posted ..