Freedom 4/24 Event Sept 11′

Freedom 4/24

This event is taking place September 21 2011 at {Robin Alexander} located downtown Lynchburg. This event is called Girls Night Out Frock for Freedom (If you want more information check out {RA} via Facebook). TMarieDesigns believes in the passion that Freedom 4/24 is doing. Now, you may wonder what is Freedom 4/24 is right? Well.. Let me explain: Freedom 4/24 notices that at this moment 300,000 women are forced to work as prostitutes in one of Thailand’s 60,000 sexual service centers. The are a $27 billion a year, and those numbers are increasing daily! Their mission

…we must seek to create relationships with the women and children who are enslaved in it, in order to bring them an opportunity for freedom. We also seek to empower and educate the women and children so they can begin to impact attitudes and customs that currently lead to women being treated as property and often considered disposable.

Wow Right!!! I’ve been supportive of this organization for 3 years now and have watched them grow tremendously! For more information of what they do and why they do it and to even Donate visitĀ Now the watches you see above will be used to make a donation to the organization. So, hurry to this event and help be apart of wonderful cause and see many of the other vendors who are sharing the same passion. Just one life can save thousands!Ā “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13


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