Reupholstering Before Meets After

by tmariedesignwatches

OK, So this is/was my first attempt to reupholstering. I did this for a friend of mine and boy I did not know what I was getting into. These chairs were a pain to get the staples out of. The manufacture literally¬†covered the chair with staples. These suckers almost took my eyes out! So wear safety GOGGLES! Once getting the staples out then it was time to put on the fabric. My friend purchased this lovely fabric from Joann’s for only $29.00 a yard. We ended up getting 3 yards for six chairs. I ended up using a staple gun from Hobby Lobby. I would recommend as well using a nicer stapler gun because that will give you a cleaner look with the staples. I am currently poor right now and can only use what I got.

Let me know what you think and/or helpful advice!

Old (left) with the New (right)



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