Eclectic Design

by tmariedesignwatches

Have You Ever Heard of Eclectic Design? 

I having gone to school for interior design never really had this term explained to me. So, I did some digging and this is what I found and just thought, maybe, how many others out there may not know what this term is. We’re used to the terms Transitional, or Contemporary, Traditional, and Modern. But what bout Eclectic? What comes to mind when you hear this word?

After having dug around to see what this most interesting term meant I soon found that I believe that more of the designs I love are Eclectic. It was brought to my knowledge that Johan Joachim Winckelmann was the founder of the term “eclectic” and this word was used to correct a piece of art from combining classical traditional with elements from the Renaissance.

“Ok, That sounds Weird, Right?” Renaissance and classical traditional together? Yes, folks but it’s more that just that. In the article I read “Understanding Eclectic Style in Interior Design,” by Mykola Stepanyuk says

” The philosophy behind the art movement, called eclectic style, is simple as this: to combine elements or particular styles from different time periods and different origins within a single project.”

OK now that makes sense right? Or not? Well when you are mixing two different designs you do not want clutter or things that are not appealing to the eye. You want to keep harmony within the two styles. According to eclecticism is defined as “a tendency in architecture and the decorative arts to mixvarious historical styles with modern elements with the aimof combining the virtues of many styles or increasingallusive content.”  Following by the recent article defines eclecticism as: eclectic style is a combination of styles in order to design an environment, which would have a great look, artistic taste, and a specific connective element, which would make the whole design look as one piece of work (Stepanyuk).


Here are a few examples:


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