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September 14, 2011

What’s Your Style?

by tmariedesignwatches

Now for those of you out there that may not know what kind of stay you are here’s a post that I’ve thought I’d put together to help you out. My mom who was just visiting me kind of help inspire me on this subject, because she her self was wondering what her style was.


From the famous Tv show HGTV defines contemporary as “Contemporary style encompasses a range of styles developed in the latter half of the 20th century. Pieces feature softened and rounded lines as opposed to the stark lines seen in modern design. Interiors contain neutral elements and bold color, and they focus on the basics of line, shape and form.” The colors you pay more attention to are: Browns, Creams, Taupe, and Pure Whites. Your furniture will have clean lines and smooth surfaces and your woods would be more so a light birch rather than any heavy materials. As with your fabrics most contemporary styles lean towards natural fabrics for example silk, wool, linen and cotton are used. However, bold color and/or geometric pattern may be brought into the design with pillows, a rug or a throw.


Now HGTV explains Traditional as “Traditional furnishings can hail from 18th¬†century England, the French countryside or even the exotic lands of the East. Among the most popular traditional styles are British Colonial revival, 18th¬†century English, 19th¬†century neoclassical and French country. Here’s how the traditional style breaks down” Traditional is not where you will find your straight lines or stainless steel you are going to see more curves, puffy,¬†muted plaids,¬†floral,¬†geometrics, tone-on-tone and small all-over patterns are common.¬†You will see more classic lines and understated details. It is functional, unfussy, and restful looking. Edges are soft, smooth, and blend into the whole.


Now to confuse you transitional and is a mixer of traditional and contemporary together. You will see your furniture lines are simple yet sophisticated, allowing either straight lines or rounded profiles. Your “palette relies on a lack of color to evoke a clean, serene atmosphere. Dark brown can add depth to a neutral balance of taupe, tan and vanilla,” says HGTV. Transitional’s fabrics are more¬†Chenille,¬†Corduroy,¬†Mircofiber suede,¬†Leather,¬†Cotton,¬†Twill,¬†Denim,¬†Raw silk,¬†Tweed,¬†Woven reeds, and¬†Woven rope.



Now this is more my style ūüôā My mom knew right off the back this was not her style. But being a young girl in her 20s this style is right up my ally. Now HGTV expains modern as “Modern style is a clean, streamlined furniture and architecture style from the 1930s with roots in the German Bauhaus School of Design and Scandinavian modern design. It’s characterized by polished surfaces, strong geometric shapes and asymmetry.” Here you will see more neutral tones and hear exciting words like : Sleek, Smooth, and Polished.¬†¬†Modern’s flooring in this style clings to concrete, granite and linoleum; chrome and stainless steel are common accents on furniture and in the kitchen.

No now the Challenge is Which one are you? There are many more out there. For example there’s Tuscan which is what these Texans love which involves very heavy woods and bold fabrics with lots of print. But I want to hear more of what your styles are.

September 12, 2011

New Designs

by tmariedesignwatches

Ok, so in my down time at work I came across a really need firm called SICIS — The Art Mosaic Factory and within this site I found this amazing style of furniture. ¬†The Behind look of what SICIS is :

SICIS, profile of a successful company 100% made in Italy The original idea behind SICIS…The first step was taken in 1987, when SICIS decided to turn its full attention to mosaic, setting the goal of moving this product from the annals of history into the modern age. This goal has been reached and exceeded, as demonstrated by SICIS’ collections and in the prestigious creations in which it plays a leading role throughout the world.

SICIS Design

SICIS Design

Now to add on to what I was drooling over when I came across this factory was their amazing bath tub they made. It’s called Audrey. This is one awesome tub if you are into fashion and interior design like me and if you crave over modern chic design.


Yes bloggers this is a shoe as a tub!!! How exciting is this!?! ¬†Italian designer Massimiliano Della Monaca is the brain behind it. It is covered with precious glass mosaic in a style that stands out from the rest of the traditional geometric shapes. Shaped like¬†an elegant pump shoe with a skyscraper heel, it allows for a perfect soak. Though it may not be an ideal thing to wear such a shoe, it certainly is well-shaped for¬†a comfortable embrace, as the water trickling from above massages the shoulders of their occupant. While the heel is 165cm tall, the length is 270 cm. Starting at 13.000 ‚ā¨ ($17,000), the tubs can be custom-made to your taste too. The platinum ones come for a $10,000 more that is at 20.000 ‚ā¨ ($27,000).

Next I just thought this design was exciting to see it has a very unique style kind of like an egg shell cut in half with a stylish water flow into the tub it’s self. Now I don’t know who could afford such a tub but it looks like it would be very luxurious indeed!! ūüėÄ